Thursday, 17 November 2011

is it facilities for disabled good enough?????

Public facilities provided for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the vicinity of the city still needs to be improved because many are not in accordance with the prescribed specifications, as well as being disabled-friendly.
 ramp failure

 ramp failure 

facilities such as public toilets, ramp, pedestrian walkways, wheelchair access, elevator and parking is available not only not perfect, but built-hearted at the same time until the trouble to use it. It acknowledged the Public Works Department engineer City Hall, Abdul Hamid said although Surip the various facilities provided for disabled persons, it has not reached the level of pride for non-disabled-friendly.
source:utusan malaysia 14/04/09 

picture say that the way is only for disabled people but disabled people need to use the stairs to meet with the staff person who incharge their wellfair.. is using stairs are easy for disabled people???? question there.....THINK!!!!!

Another case that the disabled people need to use the stairs to meet the person incharge them.....are this location appropriate to locate handicap helpers office??? another question for us to THINK!!!!! 

actually i dont really understand the purpose they built the toilet for handicap like it can be use by handicap people?? one more question for us to THINK!!!!

the drop off for person with wheelchair is too steep.. is it safe for handicap people??are their wheelchair equipped with ABS brake system???

Monday, 7 November 2011

facilities for disabled

In Malaysia, there is a percentage of the population is composed of persons with disabilities. based on Of these, there is a clear need on the provision of facilities for the persons with disabilities. Without the support facilities required, their movements are more limited and will limit their activities.
source:google image
Department of Social Welfare Malaysia (1993) interpret the handicapped as a non- able to decide for themselves to obtain in whole or in part from the need normal individuals and or unable to live full community due to a whether it occurred since birth or after adults.

The disabled find some difficulties while using the facilities at places visited by several factors. The main problem they face is the facility is not safe, not easy to get to a destination and placement a remote facility to visit..

parking facilities for disable people should be near to main entrance  

ways facilities for disable should be positioned in the development plan

For pedestrian some special features should be install to the pedestrian walkways so it can help the disabled people for an example is Braille paver. it can help blind people to be more confident when their walking on the pedestrian walkways..
its should give some meaning to blind people..

example of pedestrian walkways equipped with Braille paver

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Waterfront literally is a  district, the city

bordering the water, the harbor area
(Echols, 2003).
urban waterfront  means  an urban environment in

or near the waters edge, such as the location in
major port areas in the metropolis (Wrenn,
      Of the two terms  the definition of waterfront is an area or areas located  near / adjacent to water areas where
there are one or several events and activities
at the meeting area
                               the light waterfront in penang

 Dubai waterfront

this is my presentation on waterfront

Thursday, 22 September 2011

first day of studio

12/9/2011 at 9.00am the first studio meetings were held. in this meeting we were given task for the of of this semester( to be frank really hate this moment p/s: plzzzzz dont tell my studio master about this lalalalala~~). one of these task is to create this blog. so me as a dedicated student has worked hard to create this blog. so ''terciptalah'' blog that named 300 planning studio. end of the story..see you next time..amin......... 
                                 my imagination on 1st day..:'(