Monday, 7 November 2011

facilities for disabled

In Malaysia, there is a percentage of the population is composed of persons with disabilities. based on Of these, there is a clear need on the provision of facilities for the persons with disabilities. Without the support facilities required, their movements are more limited and will limit their activities.
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Department of Social Welfare Malaysia (1993) interpret the handicapped as a non- able to decide for themselves to obtain in whole or in part from the need normal individuals and or unable to live full community due to a whether it occurred since birth or after adults.

The disabled find some difficulties while using the facilities at places visited by several factors. The main problem they face is the facility is not safe, not easy to get to a destination and placement a remote facility to visit..

parking facilities for disable people should be near to main entrance  

ways facilities for disable should be positioned in the development plan

For pedestrian some special features should be install to the pedestrian walkways so it can help the disabled people for an example is Braille paver. it can help blind people to be more confident when their walking on the pedestrian walkways..
its should give some meaning to blind people..

example of pedestrian walkways equipped with Braille paver

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  1. U makes me feel very sad mr sidik..ur info very touching...